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Self Check Breast Examination

Every woman should learn how to examine their own breasts. Self Check was developed as an informative program that offers instructive videos about how to perform breast examination correctly.

Self Check Breast Examination

Using inadequate breast exam techniques may give you an inaccurate impression about your breast health and may cause unnecessary worry and anxiety. It is for this reason that we have created these training videos so that you thoroughly understand the breast examination procedure and find the right answers to your questions. Correct breast examination is important to detect the early diagnosis of breast and lymph cancer. Remember, if you observe any abnormalities, changes, or lumps, please consult with your doctor. In this application you will find a two-part test, ’Methods of Breast Self Examination’, that you will need to repeat monthly, and a ‘Risk Analysis Test’.

Please enter the date of the last day of your last period. Self check breast Examination should be done five to seven days after your period has finished.

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